About Us

It didn't take us long after meeting one another that we knew we were destined for friendship. We've spent a few years now being each other's confidants. We've shared parenting advice (although we all know we're all just guessing and doing our best) and we've had many conversations about hopes and dreams for our futures. Something that has always been real about our friendship is that we always leave each other feeling inspired. Sometimes little inspirations like “you know what, I am going to wash my hair today.” Let's be real, thats not always a priority, and sometimes you need a good friend to nudge you in the right direction. Other times we get real inspired and we decide to start a business. We were never talking about the kind of business that just stays living in your head, never amounting to anything but a dream. We're talking about almost immediate google searches of “What is an LLC?” and “How do I start an LLC?” Thank you, google because we knew nothing...zero things...but we were determined to figure it out. You could be wondering when we decided what our business was going to be. Funny, because we just always knew what we wanted to do. It's been the most organic journey to Peddler that you can imagine. Of course starting a business will come with stress, but decision making has always been easy. We naturally share an interest in gardening, natural remedies, home décor and fashion. We've had so many conversations about how our town was missing what we needed. The problem was that there wasn't a place that catered to what excited us and those like us. This was an opportunity to solve that problem, while showing our kids that our dreams matter and that they're worth trying for.  So here's to all the late nights, time, sweat, and most importantly love that has gone into our little shop. When you visit, you'll find that everything is made by happy hands. We support small businesses, makers near and far, and will never give our money or
yours to a sweat shop. These values are so important to us, and we hope to share that with others. We cant wait to see you!
Sarah and Cheyenne


Cheyenne, originally from Michigan, moved to southern Maine in 2014. She has a background in esthetics and Ayurvedic medicine from the Florida College of Natural Health, with an ever-growing passion for skincare. 

Sarah grew up in northern Maine, and moved to southern Maine in 2014. She continues to work as an Emergency Department RN, while keeping a appreciation for both modern and herbal medicine.